Danu Sports knows that you care about how information is used and shared and appreciates your trust that we do so carefully and sensibly.  Danu Sports hereby informs users about their Privacy Policy and Data Protection.

Any information collected in relation to the User is collected and used according to the strictest EU laws. Danu Sports declares that: The data provided by Users is collected and used by Danu Sports, the Company which owns and runs the Services. Danu Sports recognises specific rights of its User, including the possibility (i) to request records indicating whether or not Danu Sports retains the User's personal data (ii) to track the origin of the User's record, and of the logic and objectives for retaining such data; (iii) to effect the updating, correction, integration and eventual cancellation of the User's data, wherever possible; (iv) to oppose the use of personal data for marketing and sales purposes. In order to exercise these specific rights, the User may directly contact the person responsible for the Privacy and Database, at dataprotection@DanuSports.com

Danu Sports assumes all responsibility regarding its correct use and guarantees that all steps have been taken to ensure data confidentiality and integrity, both in respect of the technical and organizational aspects, as set out in the guidelines included in

The Site's purpose is other than collecting personal data. Access and use of the Web/Application does not imply the communication of personal data. However, any users who wish to participate in the Service must fill out an online electronic form that can be found on the Web Site.

The completion of the online electronic form implies voluntary authorisation and consent by the user regarding the processing of personal data freely provided by the Web Site user. Therefore, users expressly accept and consent that all details already provided or those that may be provided in future may be subject to processing within a personal data file.

Danu Sports shall process all details provided by users for the following uses and purposes: Registration on the Site as a registered user, Management and Processing of services offered by Site, sending Marketing advertising, newsletters, news and other regular information on the Site to users, Management and supervision of incidents and Prize Management, as well as preparation of statistics.

You agree that in order to provide services to you which you have requested including relevant content and advertising, and to track and award virtual rewards, we may exchange information that we collect from you with third parties who help us perform these tasks and provide these products and services including UDID (unique device identifier), MAC address, OpenUDID, information about your device systems, application software and peripherals, and the country setting on the device.

Danu Sports shall only preserve the details provided by users for the period required to carry out the purposes established under this Privacy Policy. All details will be destroyed after the completion of the above mentioned purposes using a method that shall guarantee the security and confidentiality of all personal details processed.

Under no circumstances will personal details provided by users be transferred or communicated to any third parties, except in order to improve service standards or other circumstances that Danu Sports may deem appropriate.

The acceptance of users regarding the processing of their personal details is always revocable. Therefore, users may exercise at any time their right of access, correction, cancellation and opposition, by sending a written and reliable communication by registered post to the following address: Danu Sports, 47 Merrion Square East, Dublin 2, D02 XV30, or by any other reliable means though which proof of submission can be obtained. The above communication must include the user's identification details, such as a photocopy of the user's ID card, postal address, telephone, contact name, email address and a brief note explaining the reasons behind the exercise of their rights.

Danu Sports guarantees full compliance with the provisions of EU Laws.

Danu Sports undertakes to avoid disclosing any confidential information or inform regarding any details subject to processing, except where expressly required by law or by the relevant public authorities in conformity with any legal provisions and regulations that may apply.

Users are responsible at all times as regards to the veracity of the details provided. Danu Sports, reserves the right to exclude any users from their registered services if found to have provided false, vague or incorrect details, in addition to any other legal actions that may apply. Except where legally entitled, users may not use another individual's identity, and may only provide personal details corresponding to their own identity.

Registration as a user implies acknowledgement and acceptance of the terms and conditions set out in Danu Sports’s privacy policy. Users hereby agree expressly, freely and voluntarily to consent to the automatic processing of their personal details as well as to include them in the personal data file in accordance with these clauses. Users also consent to receive any marketing communications sent by Danu Sports to its registered users.

Cookies are data stored in the computer's hard disk that enable a faster and optimised performance by the server and the service. Cookies, or small items of code placed on a user’s computer by a website, are vital to the functioning of the modern web. Cookies allow website operators to determine how users browse their sites and are a technical prerequisite for the operation of more advanced websites, such as those which require their users to log-in.

When you visit the Services, we will send you a cookie. These cookies are essential for the running of the Services. Without the use of these cookies parts of our websites would not function. We also use cookies to monitor the performance of the Services and how users may use it. These cookies provide us with information that helps us provide better products to users and also to identify any areas that may need maintenance.

IP addresses of all users shall be registered in the personal data file with the purpose of registering the IP addresses of all users who have access to the Services. All IP address shall remain in the file during the period of one year.

Danu Sports reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions set out in this privacy policy at any time, provided that they comply with the legislation currently in force on data protection, and undertakes to inform all users in written and in a reliable way, either by publication in the Web Site or by sending an email or via any other communication means that they may consider appropriate regarding their increase, modification or extension.

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